Ingredients you can read, flavors you won’t believe

Four Fat Franks hot sauce is naturally fermented with no starters, using only a sea salt brine to slowly break down ingredients using lacto fermentation.  We don’t use any binding agents like Xantham gum, or preservatives…just vinegar to create a shelf stable product without pasteurization.  

The actual Four Fat Franks have been feeding on fresnos forever!  As far back as four generations, each ‘Frank’ namesake has taken his place in the lineup, from farming to fermenting.   The Franks’ love of Fresno peppers has been passed down from great grandfather to grandfather, from father to son, and now to the grandchildren and even great grandchildren!  So, when the 4th Frank, Frankie Basham, started making hot sauce, Fresno peppers were the natural choice. 

From our family of Franks, to yours!